Association “IT World BG”

“Bridging the Digital Divide”

Bulgaria is still behind when it comes to overall readiness for digital learning and the digital technologies impact on learning processes at all ages. Even though funding opportunities from EU funds are mobilized on a massive scale to drive its development, there is still big room for improvement. As digital learning is still new, further and focused research is needed to explore it, identify what works, what does not, and more clearly assess costs, benefits, and risks.

“IT World BG” is a public non-for-profit legal entity registered under Bulgarian law regulations for non-government organizations – an association of individuals and experts with the following major aims:

  • Assist the development and modernization of information technologies in Bulgaria and Europe
  • Offer innovative, comfortable and flexible solutions in the broadest possible range in IT problems
  • Help develop effective methods and best practices in education
  • Create an optimal environments for life long learning
  • Keep contacts and partnerships with similar organizations, schools, universities and other educational institutions
  • Work for the development of a civil society in Bulgaria