Association “IT-World.BG” is a public non-profit NGO established in 2009 by 6 individual IT experts. The company main mission is to assist the development and modernization of e-society in Bulgaria and Europe, emphasizing on increasing the digital literacy and bridging the social gap between the online and offline citizens. Over the 10 years of existence, the association has positioned and specialized in e-learning technologies and related applications, and training content development. With more than 10 EU and national projects successfully completed, “IT-World” is an encouraging example of a small non-profit social initiative.

One of the main missions of the “IT World BG” is to help in the development of digital skills in the society to help bridging the digital divide still very much present in Bulgaria, especially in among the disadvantaged society groups. The company has proven experience in the development of digital skills training courses aimed to be used in e-learning or distance learning environments.

“IT World BG” has a successful background in the deployment of e-Learning solutions and the development of digital literacy courses. The company has also a registered Cisco Networking Academy since 2010 which is offering remote and blended e-learning IT trainings via its state-of-the-art Netacad platform.

Since 2020 the Association has been a valuable technology partner in the EU funded Erasmus+ projects “MOTIV-ACTION” (Motivating Low-Skilled Adults in Accessing Upskilling Pathways to Increase Job Opportunities, Ref.no. 2020-1-SE01-KA204-077884) and “DIGIT4SEN” (Improving teachers’ digital skills for better online inclusive education of SEN pupils, Ref.no. 2021-1-LT01-KA220-SCH-000031624). Throughout these projects we have developed and maintained websites and training management platforms, as well as different educational materials.

During the 2017-2019 EU funded project Erasmus+ “E-classes” (Flip your classes through multimedia enriched apprenticeship simulations and develop e-skills for VET teachers and students to enhance youth employability) there was an intellectual output related to job orientation interviews and best practices exchange in the area of cooperation between students, schools and companies offering jobs.

In 2014-2019 “IT World BG” has participated successfully as the partner responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the e-learning platform in 2 projects related to the flipped classroom: the “GainTime” (Master model to gain time in your classroom) and the “E-Classes” (Flip your classes through multimedia enriched apprenticeship simulations and develop e-skills for VET teachers and students to enhance youth employability).

In 2012-2014 the Association has successfully completed a number of national and EU funder projects related to the implementation of web applications and e-learning solutions, like the “CCN” project (Cross-border Cooperation and Networking through e-learning and Career Development), the e-Learning platform for the Bulgarian “Global Libraries”, website of the project “Development for sustainable management and use of forests”, etc.

Because of the close collaboration with different government agencies and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education during its projects, one of the main target groups of IT-World is also public servants in the Bulgarian central government. This was also the main target group of the COMPAT.eGov project (Competency Assessment and Training for the Uptake of eGovernment Services by Public Authorities) successfully implemented in 2010-2012.